We provide solutions for a world in permanent change

At AOL Sustainable Industries, we understand that "Green Innovations" are the ones that have to address the complex challenges and disruptive changes that are necessary to face, to incorporate Sustainable Development in our modern Society.
Our Solutions balance positive environmental impact with economic growth and social development in the medium and long term.
To do this, we work with certified global metrics and standards, to measure and manage Sustainable Development throughout our portfolio of projects.

Who we are and what we do

AOL Sustainable Industries, is an American corporation, specializes in providing solution in a highly changing environment.


Our mission is to promote Sustainable Development through the creation and application of "Green Innovations".  


To be a benchmark Company in the field of Sustainable Development.


In our Company, we define ourselves as a group where we always work in order to obtain a new balance between the Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions.

AOL Sustainable Industries, has extensive experience in the development and execution of Engineering Projects.

Our activity involves the following Sectors:

The business units and developments of
AOL Sustainable Industries, offer measurable socio-environmental returns on investment, as well as financial returns.

We work with Impact investors, Co-Investors and Co-Developers.

World Modular Building 2023

We partner with Private Companies, Non-profit Entities, Governments and Institutions.

We also encourage other innovators, disruptors and suppliers to join AOL Sustainable Industries, whit innovative projects that engage in Sustainable Development.