AOL Sustainable Industries, is an American corporation, specializes in providing solution in a highly changing environment.

Our way of facing and carrying out these changes is through the development and creation of “Green Innovations”, which are capitalized in our company, through   patented intellectual assets.    

At AOL Sustainable Industries, we are happy to share that we are pioneers, and the first worldwide in “Zero Energy” Homes and Building patented, as evidence by our first patents registration in the field of Engineering Modular Building, in the USA, under the name: “Bio Climatically Adapted Zero Energy Prefabricated Modular Building and Methods Thereof”, disruptive invention belonging to a New Generation of Construction Methodology, with highly distinctive characteristics in productivity, efficiency, economic optimization and with a newfangled environmental balance. 

We have thus guaranteed the main advantage over traditional methodologies of building: Obtaining the first patent registered under one of the fundamental concepts of Sustainable Development: “Zero Energy-Zero Emissions Buildings”.

Alejandro Labala Rulli


In the last 28 years, Alejandro has been responsible for the Management, Business Administration and Execution of Public and Private Projects.

Incorporated into the business world as a Civil and Hydraulic Engineer, specializing in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, he has led small, medium and large-scale projects, with a consolidated track record of success.

As an Inventor and Creator, he is reaching achievements of recognized importance, recently obtaining invention patents in the field of “Sustainable Development” in the United States of America, which indentify him as a pioneer in the field, and he continues to advance globally with the aforementioned innovations.